Atelier d'architecture Ph. Schockaert SPRL

Présentation - L’atelier d’architecture PH. SCHOCKAERT

ATELIER D’ARCHITECTURE PH.SCHOCKAERT sprl created in 1987 ARCHINTERIOR sprl created in 1992

These two companies are born from the collaboration of people habited by the same passion of architecture. The team, dynamic and generous with its time, considers each project as a challenge: the answer has to be the most sensible, as much on a formal and constructive level as on an economical one.

Because of the association of varied, but complementary, trainings, the team is able to respond with speed, in fields as varied as architecture, decoration, real estate, real estate project development in Belgium and abroad.

Our mission ?

Construction of a building or of an exhibition hall, interior redevelopment, rehabilitation of a house ... the project manager behind all those sites is the architect. He will follow the construction project, from order to delivery. His mission: to reconcile the needs of the customer and users, to negotiate with companies while respecting the environment.

Nos réalisations

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